Hi everyone! I want to introduce ourselves, the ones behind Constructed Love. You see, it started a very long time ago, 2007 to be exact, while dancing the night away. This is when I met Ricky. Shortly after, I left overseas for a few months, not expecting anything from our one night encounter. Ricky was the first to reach out while I was away, and with nightly long distant calls, our familiarity between one another started to grow. By the time we did see one another again, (for our first official date) our conversation, laughter, friendship, and attraction felt so natural. But the story of "us" is not an hour and a half Rom-Com. Our relationship wasn't easy, as life isn't, for most people. We were off and on multiple times, but I like to think of those times as being "under construction". In 2013 we finally had our biggest breakup/demolition that lasted for 2 years! We both moved away to different towns, faced personal milestones and tragedy on our own that resulted in personal growth. I'm grateful that the growth we had while separated brought us back together, and in December 2016, Ricky popped the question! Life is full of ups and downs and so many surprises. We realized it was all about LOVE. Love is what makes us stronger. Love is what keeps us together. And Love is what feeds your soul. We got married in May 2018, and planning our own wedding was the greatest, and best thing we have ever accomplished together. Ricky and I really became a strong team during this time and pulled it together. We threw our biggest party to date! But it couldn't have been done without LOVE! So, as Ricky does, he made our magical "LOVE" sign! And that, my friends, is the story behind our sign 😍 We hope to spread the "LOVE" and share the magic it brings to weddings and events all around! It's such a unique piece that will be forever remembered long after your special event is over ❤ and it makes a perfect photo prop! 😉